Every Activation offered at HealingWords is an integration of many aspects :

  • energy healing
  • inner exploration
  • personal transformation
  • spiritual initiation
  • holistic therapy

An Activation is a relationship between different parts of our human existence.
Transformation and healing is constantly occuring, whether we realise it or not. In every conversation, every encounter, every breath we take is a healing experience.

There are two main benefits in engaging in an Activation:

  • Consciousness
  • Connexion

Consciousness of our healing multiplies its power, while deep safe connection with another human provides the fertile environment for healthy transformation to occur.

étincelle tenue par une main représentant l'activation énergétique : soin et transformation personnelle dans la mission de changer le monde.

Thoughts & advices :

♦️ Once the activation is welcomed heart, body and mind will start integrating the lessons. When we welcome an activation it is important to rest, to eat healty food and to drink plenty of water.

♦️ Please follow your own rhythm and listen to your needs. Take your time.